Headed by veteran web designer George Shaw, DivinePenguin is not a company or a person, but rather a process, tradition, and an expectation of quality in a website. It is not a style. And it's not about the awards or the press. It is a belief about how websites should be made. DivinePenguin is a distributed network of like minded individuals, all sharing the same relentless desire for excellence.

The personalized, borderline obsessive DivinePenguin web vision has worked well on projects from New Line Cinema's mega-site for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, to niche projects like the RS Tai-Chi racing leathers site. DivinePenguin is known for getting into clients psyches and forging long lasting relationships with clients who do business in some of the toughest environs out there.

The sites we build conform to standards, work on all platforms and browsers, download quickly, are easy to update, and have all the other good qualities every thinking client demands in a website. But the stuff we build also holds users' interest, enticing them to explore further, spend more time, and buy more of what our clients are selling.

We approach our work with equal parts commercial and art.


I (still) love the internet. When I started working with websites, it was like I had finally discovered exactly what I wanted to be doing - the perfect blend of aesthetics and engineering. I'd been in art school for a pretty long time, honing the old world skills required to be a professional commercial artist...but there was always something missing...some strange thirst for more order, more math, more objectivity. Before art school, I'd been using computers since I was about 8 years old, trading esoteric system tricks and bbs hacks with the other pee-wees on Commodore 64's. Building websites brought these two disparate worlds together in a seamless way. I'm grateful that I've been able to make a living for so long doing something that I love so much.

After building and managing a somewhat larger web design firm (One Ten Design - www.onetendesign.com), the small hands-on approach I take with DivinePenguin is very exciting for me. I still work with other designers, programmers, production artists, and producers, but now the teams are so much smaller that I get to spend more time doing and less time managing. I'm a creator again, making things rather than moving things around that someone else made. I sleep better at night now, and I produce better work for my clients. We all win...this is the way I think it should be done.


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