The Lord of the Rings
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Our involvement with The Lord of the Rings trilogy began long before the first film was released, at a time when only the most die hard fans were interested, and it has continued through the final film's ground breaking sweep at the Oscars®, and on to working with EA on the Lord of the Rings video games. New Line needed an official web site that would serve the trilogy through its life in the theaters and home entertainment, that could be adapted worldwide to a multitude of languages, that contained a record setting amount of content and that was visually as stunning and epic as the films themselves. The web site needed to entice non-fans early on, as well as satisfy the most enthusiastic daily visitors. Our site successfully serves New Line and an ever growing international audience while setting records, receiving accolades and being an all-around cool place to go for 'Rings' fans and newcomers alike.



The D+CONtrol experiment began years ago as a place for our friends to express themselves, expand online boundaries and play with what is possible online. Since then, it has evolved into a well respected and successful gallery in its own right and now features rotating exhibits from fine artists across all media. Our goal is, as it has always been, simply to make more art available to more people.


Imagine Cup 2004

For the 2004 Imagine Cup, Microsoft hired us to create a visual package centered on the web site that was as dynamic, international and exciting as the competition itself. As the online hub of the competition, the site is accessed by students from around the globe and contains a large amount of information and resources as well as a comprehensive global resource map. Our work has exceeded Microsoft's expectations and become an iconic representation of the competition and its participants.


Punch Drunk Love

We worked directly with Paul Thomas Anderson on the site for his film Punch Drunk Love. This was, by far, one of the most rewarding experiences of our working lives! Not only have we always been huge fans of PTA's work, but he was a pleasure to work with, blending strong ideas about what he wanted with the flexibility and trust to let us do our thing. In the end, the site is more an extension of Paul's vision for the film than a standard Hollywood marketing effort.

(official site currently offline)


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